Wiring The Lights

WARNING: Always disconnect the power source before doing any work on or around lights, wires sockets etc.

1) Run the end of the main electrical wire through the bottom of the column and out the top.


2) Separate the ends of the wires about 8”.

3) Strip the ends of the wire to 3/4” both on the main electrical wires and the socket leads.

4) If your using LED bulbs, the socket will need to be adjusted to fit it properly. Now is a good time to do this. A pair of needle nose pliers works well for this. Just carefully insert the one side of the open pliers into the socket and gently pry the tabs apart on one side then the other. Repeat this until the bulb fits.

5) Now we need to build a simple hardwarecloth socket part.


A) cut out a 1" X 1/2" piece of 1/2" hardware cloth.

B) Remove the center bar.

C) Place it in the column or a 3/4" PVC pipe.

D) Press the socket hard down into the pipe.

E) This new part will center the socket in the pipe and keep it from pushing in when changing bulbs out.

6) Hold the wires tight together and parallel to each other with the ends lined up and twist on a wire nut.


A) For a single light or the end light of a run, hold one side of two wires: One side of the power supply wire in from the house & one side of the socket lead wire.)


B) For a light before the end of a run, hold one side of three wires: One side of the power supply line in from the house, one side of the line out to the rest of the run and one side of the socket lead wire.

7) A) When the wire nut is screwed on a bit, B) gently tug on each individual wire your connecting to be sure they both caught properly before the nut mashes, squishes and twists them into one. If one pulls free carefully remove the nut, re-align the wires and try again.





When both wires are caught by the nut, screw it down tight.

7) Cut the end of a clear silicone tube off making as small of an opening as possible and break the interior seal.


8) Press the end of the clear silicone tube tight into the opening of the wire nut and squeeze it full.

9) A) Bend one nut down being careful not to pry on the wire nut, B) Push the wire slack back into the PVC pipe and C) seat your hardware cloth socket part around the socket and on top of the 3/4” PVC pipe.