Top Cap Lid Assembly


1) In the 4" hexagon part, cut a 1" wide X 1" high notch out of each of the six top corners (meaning one end only since the top and bottom are the same at this point.) of the exterior hexagon lid.

2) You now have six 1" high X 1-1/2" to 2" wide "tabs", one at the top of each panel. Depending on your earlier folding, some of the 1-1/2" tabs may be 2" (or 4 squares) wide but it will not matter.

3) Be certain all of the sticker connections on the interior tube lid are tightly wrapped on the inside for proper fit of the lamp shade later on.



4) Place the internal tube lid part in the center of the external hexagon lid part.

5) Fold the external hexagon lid part tabs down towards the center of the internal lid tube inserting all of the internal lid tube stickers through the outermost squares of each bent down tab.

Fold one tab and then it’s opposite, this will center the internal tube inside of the external hexagon lid part.

6) Cut out a 3" X 3" square with no stickers.

7) Place the 3" X 3" square on top of the lid. If you carefully position it you should be able to secure it with at least one interior tube sticker on each corner.

Once the square is tightly secured, a rubber mallet can be used to tap and bend the rest of the stickers over.