Tools Materials & Resources


  1. Bucket

  2. Dust Mask

  3. Glasses Safety

  4. Gloves Rubber & Protective

  5. Margin trowel

  6. Measuring pail

  7. Mixing Hoe

  8. Mixing Tub or Wheel Barrow

  9. Paint Brushes Disposable

  10. Paint roller handle

  11. Pliers Needle Nose

  12. Pool Trowel

  13. Rubber Mallet

  14. Side Cutters

  15. Snips

  16. Tape Measure

  17. Texture roller Foam

  18. Wire Stripper / Cutter



  1. Bulbs Wedge base or LED

  2. Hardware cloth

  3. Drafting Film

  4. Low voltage wire


  6. Patio Paint for Antiquing

  7. Plastic drop cloth or bags

  8. PVC pipe 3/4” schedule 40

  9. Socket light

  10. Silicone clear

  11. Stains Mason Select

  12. Transformer

  13. Type S Spec Mix

  14. Wire Nuts

Where To Buy What You Need

Most of the tools and supplies for this project are readily available at your local "Big Box" store with the exception of a few items that may be difficult to find. Those items can be purchased at the links below through Amazon or other brands or similar products available may also work. Everything else can be purchased there as well if you cant find it local.

Drafting film is a practically indestructible transparent film. I've even tested it for melting at 250F degrees. You have to be careful not to dent or crease it while your working with it until it's safely inside the light. It can be trimmed to desired size and easily replaced, it won't tear or discolor. It has a soft organic look and it diffuses the light perfectly.

Outdoor Patio Paint needs to be diluted for antiquing your projects. It's available in other colors through the link.

Light Socket & LED Bulbs

This is the transparent concrete stain I prefer. They are dilluted for penitration of the concrete and give it a natural looking tint. You can read more about them through the links.

Patina Green
Coal Black