Ever since I was just a wee lad, everywhere we went, whether it was to the zoo or a theme park or a sea aquarium. I, and most everyone else took in the entertainment of the exhibit, watching the playing animals, fish or screaming thrill seekers riding the machines. My father would call for my attention as he was carefully knocking his knuckles against a nearby rock. “Look at this fake rock, somebody's done a fine job there.” He’d say. So, I, in disbelief would give it a knock as well exclaiming in agreement “Wow, thats fake!? He’d then go on to explain


Decorative Concrete 

his imaginings of how we’d someday fit a similar rockwork into our landscape. That! That would always excite me even more than the particular attraction we were there to see.

Over the years I have learned, experimented, practiced, and installed a good amount of fake rock including a bit for my father.

This guide combined with others on this site will show you how to construct your own fake rock projects and the tricks and techniques I’ve developed and learned over the years.

All Concrete Artificial Rock Waterfall & Ponds

Texturing Concrete

Concrete can be embossed with stamps texture rollers or simple homemade tools to look like much more labor intensive and costly finishes.

Stamps and rollers for flatwork as well as vertical surfaces are available to create rock, brick or even wood patterns. A push broom is a common tool used to make a non-slip surface. A paint roller can make an excellent rock texture and disposable paint brushes are an excellent finishing tool. If you're interested in making your concrete amazing, be sure and check out the texture page on the top left tool bar.

Shaping Concrete

Concrete being in a malleable form needs something to give it shape unless you intend to carve cured concrete with stone working tools. Even then you would need to shape the concrete into a basic shape or block to sculpt.

Concrete can be shaped by forms such as the ones set up for foundations pathways or steps and such. Or you can use molds which are available in a multitude of shapes from detailed artwork on stepping stones to garden benches and sculptures. Last of all it can be formed over an armature in the desired size and shape to fit your needs. The shaping concrete page will show you the how-to for all of these techniques.

Coloring Concrete

There are several ways to color concrete and they all have beautiful results. Take a look at the options and some neat tricks to get some unique looks.

Applying Concrete

Concrete installation and  techniques for different applications.

DIY Stone Lantern

This step by step how-to project creates a columnar basalt garden light which teaches you in great detail all of the techniques to build your own artificial rock projects as well as wiring and lighting them with low voltage wiring.

Concrete Spheres

Make your own hollow or solid concrete spheres. With a bit of imagination this how-to guide should give you a vast potential for many projects.