Pipe Clip Assembly


1) Cut out a 3” X 3” square with no stickers.

2) Cut out the center cross.

3) Cut out another bar section above, below, left and right of the center cross.

4) Using needle nose pliers, carefully squeeze each side of the four bar sections you just removed in step 3. Just bend the bars slightly away from the center, they can be bent more later to tightly fit the 3/4“ pipe as it is being installed.

5) Cut off, just the welds on each of the four outer corners.

6) Bend the stickers straight up. These stickers will not be wrapped to make a connection but rather just set in place, some of them will be bent in the wrong direction (away from the weld & the bar they are connected to) so take great care not to snap them off.


7) Measure a piece of 3/4” PVC pipe and mark it at 2” and at 22” inches.

8) Cut the pipe off at the 22” mark. Having the pipe reach near the bottom of the column will make it easier to thread the electrical wires through the hole later.

9) Slide the pipe clip onto the pipe and position it at the 2” mark with the stickers pointing down the 20“ length. The clip should be very tight on the pipe, scratching it as you force it down to the mark.

12) Turn the armature base right side up with its previously installed 3” X 3” square top cover up. 

13) Cut out all but the outer row of squares on the 3” X 3” top cover.

12) Insert the pipe down the square hole and center it as the stickers on the pipe clip lock it in from moving on the 3” X 3” square.