Lamp Shade



The wire lamp shade holder can be made of 1/2" hardware cloth or 1" hardware cloth. 



1) Cut out a rectangle (sizes for 1/2" or 1" below) with stickers on one short side of the rectangle.

For 1/2" wire: 13" X 5-1/2" + stickers on the 5-1/2" side.

For 1" wire: 13" X 6" + stickers on the 6" side.

2) For both the 1/2" and 1" turn the cloth so the stickers are up, and be sure the horizontal bars are on top.

3) Roll up to create a tube and secure:

1/2" wire - with a 1" or two square per end overlap.

1" wire - a 1" or one square per end overlap.

When your light is all complete and installed, you can cut off rows of the wire shade holder to adjust it's height and change the look of the light being sure to leave enough height to accomodate the bulb.


The cloth part of the lamp shade is made of a 23" X 4" strip of drafting film. Drafting film is a practically indestructible transparent film. I've even tested it for melting at 250F degrees.  It has a soft organic look and it diffuses the light perfectly, it won't tear or discolor, it's waterproof and it can be easily replaced. You do have to be careful not to dent or crease it while your working with it until it's safely inside the light.


For the "cloth" shade it's important to cut it straight for a nice clean, tight fit on the bottom. Otherwise light will "leak" out of cracks and look sloppy. The "cloth" shade will be 23" X 4".



A) Mark both sides of the 23" strip at 4".

B) Set a straight edge from one 4" mark across to the other 4" mark and hold it secure while you draw your line.

C) Carefully cut across the line. Cut just to the side of the ink line leaving the line on the 4" strip of "cloth" you will use. This line can be up inside the top cap lid out of site and you can repeat the process for another light.


4) Roll your "cloth" shade into a 4" wide roll tight enough to fit inside the wire part of the shade.


5) Now make the bottom of the "cloth" shade even with the bottom of the wire shade holder and unroll it inside the wire shade holder until it's tight against the wire.


6) The shade "cloth" should roll twice around and end about where it started, line up this seem with the overlapping squares of the wire shade holder.