Koi Fish


Koi Fish Fascination


Once you’ve had a close up encounter with one of these magnificent living jewels, odds are you will be seeking some answers on the subject of keeping your own live koi fish as pets.



Koi fish are a brilliantly colored fish hybridized over the last 200 years from color mutations in the common carp. They can live up to a hundred years and grow up to 3’ long.

Koi fish will come to recognize you and come to the surface too see you, eat from your hand and even allow you to pet them.


They can be quite simple to keep and maintain in a properly set up pond so long as it’s not overpopulated. They need proper circulation to oxygenate the water and filtration to maintain it’s quality parameters.


Koi can be purchased through the mail giving you a selection like never before possible. You will need some knowledge and a quarantine system setup for receiving procedures to avoid possible future problems.

This site will give you all of the information you need to properly purchase, maintain and grow some of the most beautiful pets in the world.

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