Interior Tube Part


1) Measure and cut out 26" high X 14" wide rectangle. Leave stickers down one 26" side and across the 14" top.

2) Place your part on a flat surface and: A) turn it so the 26” with stickers is across the top and: B) the horizontal bars are on top of the vertical bars. It does not matter which side the 14” stickers are on.


3) Roll up across the 14" width to create a 26" tube. 

4) Secure the tubes shape by overlapping two squares or 1" inch on each end and secure with stickers.

5) Cut off the interior tube to create two parts, a lid and a base. The base and the lid both need to have a clean edge on the bottom and stickers on top. Measure from the "clean edge" bottom of the tube and cut at 22-1/2" + stickers.

You now have two interior column tubes, one 22-1/2" tube with stickers on top and one 3" tube with stickers on top.

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