Installing The Lights

WARNING: Always disconnect the power source before doing any work on or around lights, wires sockets etc.

1) Set the lights in your yard where you want them to be.



2) Measure the bottom opening of your light.

3) Where you want your light to stand, pound two stakes into the ground separated about 1/2” less than the opening of the bottom of your light. After your light is wired it will be set over these two stakes. Rebar stakes work well because they can be bent to actually push against the inside of your column making it very stable.

4) follow the directions that came with your particular transformer to install it and make sure it‘s unplugged.



5) Strip the ends of your low voltage wire (wire stripping can be found on the Wiring the Lights page) and install it on the transformer.



6) Run the low voltage wire to the lights positions you've selected in your yard. The wire can come into one light and exit out, continuing to another light in a run. Be sure you have plenty of slack to wire your lights both on the incoming wire and outgoing wire.Wire the light and set it over these stakes.


Low voltage lights are easy to hide. They don’t need to be buried deep in the ground in conduit like their 120v cousin. It's a good idea to scribble out a map of your wire locations with some measurements from various landmarks to your electrical wires. The just unplug your transformer from the power source any time you want to work on or around the wires. Here are several ways to hide your lights:



1) In a shallow ditch.

2) Under the sod

A) Use a razor knife to cut a line in the sod.

B) Finish cutting through the sod by stomping a shovel down the line. A flat shovel works the best but almost any shovel will work.

C) Pry the sod up with your shovel as you go down the line. Now you can tuck your wire down the crack and completely underneath the sod. 

D) Stamp the sod back down flat and you will hardly notice it's ever been cut.

3) Behind shrubs, bushes and hedges.

4) Along fences. If your fence is part of a view, the wire can be stapled tight to the bottom of the runner boards and it would only be visible around the posts.

5) In conduit. A good way to get across walks concrete patios and porches.

6) Under mulch. Just rake it away lay the wire and rake it back again.

7) Run it between deck board cracks, under porches, under houses, etc. The important thing is to hide them. Well hidden wires make all the difference in achieving a professional look.