Exterior Hexagon Part


1) Measure and cut out a 28-1/2" high" X 16-1/2" wide rectangle with stickers down one 28-1/2" side.

2) The exterior part will be sort of rolled like the interior part only with creases. It will be folded 5 times in the same direction creating 6 flat panels when it's opened back up.

A) lay the part on a flat surface.

B) Turn the part so the stickers are on top.

C) Make sure the vertical bars are on top of the horizontal bars.

(D) Start at the bottom and fold up 2-1/2" folds 5 times to make 6 panels.

3) Depending on how tight you made your folds there may be extra length on the last panel. Count 5 squares or 2-1/2" from the last crease and cut leaving new stickers on the exterior column part.

4) Unfold the rest of the panels to create the exterior hexagonal column part. A rubber mallet works well to mellow out the creases. Insert the stickers under (from inside the column to the out) the last bar on the opposite end and secure. A "Reverse Connection"(See Video:CONNECTIONS).

5) The lid and the base have been folded together to get them as well matched as possible so now is the time to touch up the shape by bending and shaping the wire with your hands as you look down the column.

6) Cut the exterior hexagon to create two parts, a lid and a base. Cut off at 24" + stickers leaving the newly cut stickers on the 24" exterior base part. You now have two column parts, one exterior column base, 24" high with stickers on the bottom and one 4" high exterior hexagon lid with no stickers.