Artificial Rock~ Build Your Own DIY Column Basalt Garden Light!

This is a painfully detailed “step-by-step” for the novice DIY’er. It is designed to make the final outcome foolproof. The double layered wire design makes hanging the concrete simple and the folds create a perfect column.

Once you’ve successfully completed one of these lights, you will have developed the skills to create your own designs and projects without needing such complex armatures. Having practiced hanging the concrete you can just make a simple tube and sculpt the same project in a fraction of the time, or make complex shapes with the detailed armature techniques you've learned here! For some great ideas and inspiration, check out the "Customization" page.

What Is Columnar Basalt?

Columnar basalt is a naturally formed rock formation created throughout the world. They are found in nature in all sizes colors and lengths, both perfectly symmetrical as well as with a little more character. Sometimes solid and sometimes deteriorating from the elements. They are becoming increasingly popular in the home and commercial landscape but they are sold at a premium cost. you can see lots of pictures here: Columnar Basalt Photos


Artificial Rock Columnar Basalt Water Feature

How To Use This DIY Guide

1) To begin, Print out the tools and materials list on the Tools & Materials Resource page and use it as a check list to mark off the items you need as you acquire them.



2) This site is laid out in an eBook format. Starting with the "Home" page your now on, use the navigation menu on the top left of each page to go through the course in order.


3)Take your time and carefully go through the entire process being sure you fully comprehend each step before you continue on to the next.


4) Study the photos and watch the video tutorials as you go.


5) When you have a good grasp of the project and all of your tools & materials needed to start building your project, print out the printable shop version for a checklist of steps completed as you go along.


6) After you get it all down practiced, you can go to the customizations page and get tips and ideas to create your own more personal & custom designs.

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Have Fun!