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Bonsai & Pre-Bonsai

The top of each listing tells you if you are getting the exact tree in the photos or a similar one.


Trees similar to the one in the listing will be of the same species, variety, general shape, size and characteristics. You will not see a straight trunk tree and get a mass produced overly spiraled one from overseas. These trees come direct from our nursery.

Exact trees require much more time to photograph, list and track which you will see reflected in the pricing.

Remember, a tree doesn't have to be ancient with a huge stump to make an amazing bonsai. A bit of imagination and possibly some wire can create fantastic results.

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Below you can get a sneak peak of bonsai trees I will be listing for sale this spring/summer.

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'Shishigashira' Japanese Maple

A little sneak preview:

Coming up for sale this spring/summer


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Dwarf Blueberry

A little sneak preview:

Coming up for sale this spring/summer

I also have a couple similar I will sell as pre-bonsai

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Larch Bonsai For Sale

I will have some Larix Kaempferi Japanese Larch I will be listing this spring/summer. 

Some two years old and some varying sized older ones.


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Acer Palmatum Japanese Maple

I will be listing this nice size Japanese maple and multiple similar Pre-Bonsai. Some appear to be coral bark maple that got mixed in with my order many years ago.


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Dwarf Cypress Pre-Bonsai

I am listing Ellie B. And dwarf Hinoki Cypress when I have the large window of time needed to clean, style and list them.


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Dwarf Japanes Mt. Fuji  Flowering Cherry

I will be listing this Jem as well as some small pre-bonsai of the same variety. Hummingbird not included. 


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