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The top of each listing tells you if you are getting the exact tree in the photos or a similar one.


Trees similar to the one in the listing will be of the same species, variety, general shape, size and characteristics. You will not see a straight trunk tree and get a mass produced overly spiraled one from overseas. These trees come direct from our nursery.

Exact trees require much more time to photograph, list and track which you will see reflected in the pricing.

Bonsai & Pre-Bonsai

Remember, a tree doesn't have to be ancient with a huge stump to make an amazing bonsai. A bit of imagination and possibly some wire can create fantastic results.

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Azaleas and Rhododendrons with their interesting bark, beautiful flowers and multitude of varieties create spectacular bonsai trees.


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These hardy conifer trees often have naturally shaped growth habits. Some have new growth that can create a contrast almost like little blooming flowers. Some are rare and highly sought after and most make great bonsai.


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Ever changing year round interest. The Larch tree being a deciduous conifer has needles that fall off like leaves. The bright fall color can be intense and the winter shows off the bare bones shape of the tree followed by the spring's new growth needles which gives the tree several “looks” as they develop.


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Pine trees have been a favorite bonsai subject since ancient times. Back budding and needle length reduction are some of the challenges that keep some beginners away. Nothing that a dwarf species or pre-bonsai that have been in training can’t solve.


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Don’t see what your looking for above? Try here. Different species of bonsai that don’t have their own page simply for a lack of quantity.


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Flowering Bonsai Trees

A bonsai tree is indeed an intriguing sight to behold. Now just wait til it blooms! Flowering bonsai trees are a refreshing delight when they burst forth their buds. Be careful when watering not to wet the flowers and you will be able to enjoy them a longer time on the tree.

Fruiting Bonsai Trees

Keep in mind here, fruit starts out as flowers! That combined with the different color stages as the fruit ripens gives a rather lengthy display of changing interest. A truly sought after attribute for bonsai enthusiasts!

Maple Bonsai Trees

Maple bonsai are an integral part of most bonsai collections. Maple trees being in the deciduous group of trees can provide a spectacular display of changing colors in the fall as they prepare for dormancy. The trees true shape and structure are fully appreciated throughout the winter when the leaves have all fallen. There are many hardy cultivars to choose from in varying colors and leaf sizes.

Pine Bonsai Trees

Pine bonsai trees come in over a hundred different cultivars. From the dwarf mugo with its hybridized varieties all the way down to what anyone would call teeny to the ever sought after Japanese black pine. The pine tree is a favorite choice of many bonsai collectors. With their rich evergreen needles in contrast to their rugged bark the pine tree can be a very rewarding bonsai to own.

All Bonsai Trees

The largest collection of bonsai trees for sale anywhere. Whether you're a novice looking for a pre-bonsai start to work into your own creation. Or an experienced enthusiast in search of new material to try. Possibly you're an avid collector wanting a new specimen. How about someone just looking for good and bad examples of bonsai trees to study. there is something here for everyone in every price range. Use the arrows to scroll through the selection or the magnifying glass to perform your own search. Enjoy your browsing!

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