Concrete Gnome Molds

These clever little folk are masters of invention. You probably won’t see any of their clever contraptions about though because Gnomes are quite shy of humans and very competent in their hiding things. They are helpful little people, so you may notice a few less weeds in your garden. After they’ve become comfortable with their environment they may even allow you to see them on occasion but don’t think for a moment that this is unintentional. You can find these guys already made "HERE"

You will find useful how-to information for both Concrete stamps and molds on the top left menu of this page under texturing and shaping including how to pour a mold. There are also some creative ideas for less conventional ways to use some of these tools as well  

Stamps and molds can be used for a shoestring budget business or for adding a few products to an existing business. They are also a great way to make unusual one of a kind gifts for family and friends. Objects being formed from a mold can still be one of a kind, just visit the coloring concrete page for some great ideas!

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Concrete Fairy Molds

There's a plethora of superstitions and folklore on faeries and many different kinds. The fact of the matter though, is that they are tiny and beautiful little beings that will add a touch of magic to any garden.

Concrete Rabbit Molds
Concrete Fairy Molds

Rabbits are all so very cute and cuddly. Each one has it’s own personality but two things they all share in common, They are entertainingly mischievous and they love to eat specifically the very things you don't want them to. Well now there's a new breed of rabbit that won’t eat your prized bulbs or prime vegetables. The concrete rabbit just looks great in the garden without any of the fuss or bother of the ones with brains.

Other Concrete Molds

The largest selection of concrete molds. If you don’t see what your looking for, click the magnifying glass in the lower left corner and do your own search. There are new molds being added all the time so check back again.  

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Concrete Stamping Mats

Weather its a driveway, pathway or wall, concrete stamps can turn plain concrete into something extraordinary while saving you time and money over alternative concrete toppings.