Azalea & Rhododendron Bonsai

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Impeditum Bonsai Tree Dwarf Rhododendron

Dwarf Rhododendron "Impeditum" Bonsai tree.

 Field grown since 1997, Potted  and being trained since 2015.

Azaleas are of the genus Rhododendron from the Ericaceae family. They do best in partial shade or filtered sun with well-drained acidic soil from pH 4.5–6.0 and regular watering to keep moist but not wet.


They can be found in both deciduous and evergreen varieties. Certain Azaleas and Rhodie cultivars are highly sought after by bonsai enthusiasts for their long lasting blooms, interesting bark and small leaves.

For years large specimen azalea bonsai were imported from Japan but new regulations have become exceedingly strict, now allowing only small basically starts to enter the US.

Azalea Dwarf Satsuki 'Rukizon' (Kazan)

 Rukizon (Kazan) is a compact dwarf evergreen azalea with showy salmon colored flowers with violet throats in May. It is slow growing at only one to two inches per year reaching 2' feet tall when fully mature.


The ‘Rukizon’ or ‘Kazan’ meaning deer mountain is an outdoor satsuki azalea cold hardy to zone 7.

It measures 9-½” tall from top of soil to top of tree X 11” wide X 13” deep. The base of the nebari at the top of soil measures 3-¼” and the trunk above the highest large root seen in the photo measures 1-⅜”.

It is growing in a substantial pot which makes the tree look smaller in pictures so note the measurements of tree and pot. It is a high fired exterior glazed clay bonsai pot measuring 8-½” wide X 6-½” deep X 3-¼” high.

Dwarf Rhododendron 'Wren' 

 'Wren' is a compact evergreen dwarf rhododendron with showy yellow flowers. It is slow growing at only one to three inches per year reaching 18-24" inches tall when fully mature.


The wren is an outdoor tree and is cold hardy to zone 5b or minus -15f

It measures 9-½” from the top of soil to top of tree X 12” wide X 11” deep.

The Trunk measures 1” just above the highest root seen in the third photo. An impressive trunk for this dwarf rhodie.

It is growing in a substantial oval bonsai pot which makes the tree look smaller in pictures so note the measurements of tree and pot. It is a high fired exterior glazed clay bonsai pot measuring 8¾” wide X 6” deep X 2” high.

Dwarf Rhododendron 'Impediyum' 

 'Impeditum' is a miniature evergreen dwarf rhododendron with dark purple flowers. It is very slow growing reaching a mere 30 inches tall when fully mature. 


The Impeditum is an outdoor tree and is cold hardy from zone 4 to 8. The impeditum is one of my favorite bonsai species. It has a really nice fragrance year round and some of the tiniest leaves of any rhody or azalea.

This is a rare specimen, grown from a 3 year old plant cared for in the field for 16 years and potted and trained since spring of 2014.

The Trunk measures 2-1/4” just above the highest root. It has a 13" wide and deep spread and stands only 8-1/2" tall from the soil

It is growing in a rectangular bonsai pot which measures: 8-1/2” wide X 6-1/4” deep X 3-1/4” high.

Impeditum Bonsai Tree
huge impeditum bonsai
Miniature Rhododendron Bonsai tree impeditum
mature impeditum bonsai rhododendron
Impeditum dwarf rhododendron bonsai

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Kazan Front View

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